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Court rules that voting for the Coalition can “still be rape”

English: George Osborne MP, pictured speaking ...

George “Fiddler” Osborne MP, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a test case, judges have ruled that the nation is still being “roggered senseless” by politicians.

Despite the seemingly consensual nature of modern democracy, the lord chief justice, made it clear that no one could have anticipated the levels of depravity to which they would be dragged.

In a landmark ruling, MP’s would no longer be said to have consent because they ‘deliberately ignored’ the limitations spelt out in their own manifestos. “It is clear from the evidence presented,” continued a spokesmen for Lord Judge. “The Electorate had not agreed to enter into a three way with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.”

Commenting, one member of the electorate said “I would have expected a light fingering by Ed Balls or even a firm seeing to by Vince Cable, but I was unprepared for the back door policies of George Osborne.”

Despite the Courts’ ruling politicians seem unrepentant. Asked to comment, George Osborne replied ‘I welled up a bit because I thought it was a very emotional and moving occasion and at times overwhelming, Reporters asked if he had anything to apologise for: ‘Well, I was caught on camera so I can’t deny that it (happened),’ Mr Osborne said. ‘Occasionally I get a tear in my eye, but on this occasion it was a much more moving moment.’

David Cameron has been repeatedly asked to withdraw before the next Election.

by @Wrenfoe

((Inspired by a real court ruling: http://metro.co.uk/2013/04/24/sex-with-consent-can-still-be-rape-3665975/))


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