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“Rowling behind the fictional: ‘Tory lobbyist'”

The Sunday Times has confirmed that the creator of Harry Potter, is secretly the author of thriller based on Conservative party funding. The story, “Tory Lobbyist”, is an outrageous fiction where inept millionaires maintain they tax-free wealth by accepting endorsements, cash for questions and private directorships.


Eton (Photo credit: Tingy)

Publishing under the male guise of debut writer Lynton Crosby, this is JK Rowling’s first foray into the world of “crime”. The author was surprised to learn that there was an Elections Adviser who shared the same name, but was quick to emphasize that all characters and events were fictitious (including the protagonist, “Grant Shapps P.I.”).

This “scintillating debut” revolves around the highly improbably corruption of the banking sector, weapons’ manufacturers and tobacco industry. In fact, initial sales were relatively low as most readers struggled to accept that there could be any “conflict of interest” between Conservative policy and big business.

One critic explained: “As gritty, realism no one is going to believe that the Tory’s are capable of dishonesty; but as a piece of fantasy literature, of course it makes sense. It has all the conventions of classic Rowling. Eton elitists use their magic ‘tax avoidance’ to help the Muggle electorate, ably assisted by Lib Dem House Elves. Although I think even Voldemort would draw the line at representing the tobacco industry.”

Conservative HQ say sequels are already in the pipeline.



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