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“Rodeo clowns fall foul of Voter ID Law”

Missouri is the first US state to ban voters from wearing Baggy Pants, Big Shoes or donning a masked likeness of President Obama. While North Carolina now insists upon photo ID, ‘The Show-Me State’ has opted to refuse election day registration for anyone called Joey, wearing a large red nose or making a ‘honk honk’ noise.

US Navy 031229-N-0399H-039 U.S. Naval Academy ...

Fake ballot papers are placed in a sack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fake Obama was recently spotted at Missouri Fair and has led to concerns that poll booths will be flooded with similar fraudulent voters. ‘An unidentified rodeo clown came within a heart beat of assuming the constitutional powers of the Command in Chief,’ warned a representative of the FBI. ‘Without extensive profiling, the presence of a rubber chicken and a ‘flan in the kisser’, we would have seen a buffoon assume the Presidency for the second time this century’.

The American Civil Liberties Union have filed a lawsuit to prevent this restriction of ethnic voting rights: ‘George W. Bush is widely recognised by those suffering from coulrophobia as the worst Auguste Clown since John Wayne Gacy and Tim Curry’ said an ACLU spokeswoman. ‘ But that does not mean all clowns are evil. Previously clowns have only been counted as three-fifths of person, given the disproportionate number you could squeeze into the one car. This prejudice must stop’. Already various Republicans are manoeuvring for the next presidential nomination, they include R. McDonald, Krusty & Donald Trump.

by @Wrenfoe


2 comments on ““Rodeo clowns fall foul of Voter ID Law”

  1. Mike Lince
    August 14, 2013

    It seems like a recent tactic among Republicans to dress up like clowns in order to better blend in with their ilk. Although it seems Missourians were the first to see through this strategy, I can now report the fine print of the Voter ID law in Missouri requires voters to queue up in a rodeo arena as they wait in line to vote. It turns out the clown outfits are a survival technique. Other cowboy states are watchful of this landmark law as a way to protect their majority in state legislatures.


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