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France bans work emails after 6pm and lolcats in the office before 10am

In what is being seen as a ‘tit for cat’ retaliatory measure, Gallic big business plans to restrict private internet use in the office in response to workers being protected from intrusive emails at home. French Unions applauded the restrictions on out-of-hours work but demanded to know how honest labourers could expect to find ‘lonely singles’, monitor their Ebay auctions or complete Candy Crush Saga?

Is Pierre looking at the new data comparison or googling for penis enlargement?

Is Pierre looking at the new data comparison or googling for penis enlargement?

Since 1998 France has had a 35-hour week and workers have been entitled to comfort breaks, hourly shoulder rubs and sex with a husband/wife of their choice. While in the UK there is an assumption that workers will provide the same ‘slack service’ regardless of whether or not they are blogging about their holiday plans. One French industrialist commented: ‘If my workers refuse to respond to my 3a.m. missives, then I’m putting a stop to ORLY Owls’.

There are some that argue that employers and employees should embrace greater flexible working; this might include inputting a spreadsheet while stalking a co-worker on Facebook and simultaneously updating your very own goat-porn website. Ultimately French economists will need to assess the productivity ratio between hours spent viewing starwars kid versus gruelling PC drudgery. As yet it is unclear if Goatse is more ‘work related’ or ‘home time fun’.





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