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Hyperbolists celebrate as Refugee Crisis proves ‘we are as bad as the Nazis’

Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies has finally been debunked by the concerted efforts of the global community to once and for all ‘screw over the weak and dispossessed’. With the number of people escaping war or persecution exceeding World War Two levels, we can finally claim to have the same feckless approach and foresight in managing a humanitarian crisis as the Chernobyl lab technician who asked ‘what does this button do?’

Bang up job!

Bang up job!

When our leaders look in the mirror and ask the question ‘What did I do to make the world a better place?’ they can point to fifty million refugees and say ‘I did that…just like the Nazis…only better’. No longer can author Mike Godwin claim that comparisons with the Third Reich are just acts of over-exaggeration, spurious rhetoric and the conversational gambits of teenagers who wear berets.

So inept are we in dealing with as disaster of our own making, we will now be able to look back at crashing the Exxon-Valdez off the coast of Alaska, NASA’s Challenger exploding or the BBC commissioning ‘Horne and Corden’ – as the good old days. A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said: ‘Yes, their access to food, water, shelter and medical care is often extremely limited but comparing us to the Nazis is unfair. It’s a mistake I grant you, but more on par with AOL buying Time Warner for $182 billion, Brazil’s Olympic preparations or voting for Nick Clegg.’

Playing the Hitler card with conflicts in Syria, central Africa and South Sudan may be seen as overstating the case; as one internet forum exclaimed: ‘I always thought the UN were a bunch of Nazis. How wrong I was. All along it was the Nazis who were a bit like the UN!’ Aid agencies still insist that the crisis is not: ‘…as bad as a Holocaust but is considerably worse than trapping your finger in a drawer…yet only slightly better than a night out with Dappy from N-Dubz.’


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