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Thatcher’s cabinet torn between abusing Miners or Minors

As more evidence emerges, or mysteriously/conveniently ends up as landfill, it is becoming increasingly plausible that successive 1980’s governments turned a blind eye to accusations of abuse. Burly members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) have attested to being starved, beaten and ‘generally screwed’ throughout 1984–85 by a succession of Tory ministers. So intense was Conservative desire to give the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) a ‘good seeing to’, they may have blurred the lines and spelling between to very disparate groups.

Hiding from Tory Fiddlers

Hiding from Tory Fiddlers

Many argue that endorsing child molestation or ‘…rodgering of pastey-faced men covered in soot’, are very different policies. Yet during the 80s Mrs Thatcher enjoyed Christmas with Jimmy Savile around an ironically blazing coal fire; causing Tory ministers to struggle with this mixed message. One anonymous backbencher claimed: ‘We so wanted to please Margaret, but we could never be sure what she wanted. One second she wanted Scargill’s head on a spike, the next she wanted Savile knighted. We didn’t know whether to fiddle small pickets or pick small fiddles.’

Under John Major’s leadership, the 90s saw a more conciliatory approach to the NUM and children; possibly forewarned by Cole Porter that ‘there’s no love song finer…change (sic) from major to minor’. However, it also emerged that MI5 had pursued counter-subversion against anyone with a history of ‘ore extraction’, but had happily turned a blind eye to anyone with a history of ‘dubious insertions’.

A spokeswoman for Theresa May, the current Home Secretary, announced a review into this confusion over policy misspelling and to ‘re-open any historic investigations…but not to re-open pits’. PM David Cameron promised no such errors would occur in the future, a spokesman confirmed: ‘We still plan to f@ck-over working class families – but in a wholesome way’.


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