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Couples admit giving CAPTCHA tests more second chances than their marriage‏

While many people claim their commitment to love is as strong as ever, scientists have discovered that our capacity to persevere in the face of cryptic passwords, far outstrips our capacity to stay faithful. Maintaining conversations with our ‘nearest and dearest’ is now seen as a significantly less rewarding an effort than deciphering illegible text or remembering ‘your cat’s maiden name’.

Old School

Old School…your date of birth

Telling Humans and Computers apart while inputting a password, has now become a more worthy challenge than ‘…keeping the marriage together for the sake of the children’. Over sixty percent of the public now claim that discovering ‘0’ is really ‘O’ during a particularly protracted CAPTCHA test is ‘…better than a cure for cancer.’

Our ability to stay focused on data puzzles has come at the expense of other peripheral activities. As one biologist confirmed: ‘The manner in which we use the human brain is constantly evolving. The hippocampus not only forms and organizes memories but now it has a whole section devoted to -What was the postal address for my third grade teacher? Admittedly it has meant that as a memory indexer it’s had to make room for this new information but jettisoning redundant facts; like how to tie your shoelaces, words beginning with the letter D and control over certain sphincter muscles’.

Those who use computers on a regular basis will now spend several hours a day re- entering or changing passwords; often ignoring the dissolution of relationships, the passing of relatives or ‘…small fires in other parts of the house’. When asked, one robotics engineer commented: ‘The key difference between a computer and a human, is that a computer wouldn’t waste time on this nonsense’.

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