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Tate Modern stages retrospective of Clip Art

Renowned as one the twentieth century’s most influential artists, Claus Von Clip is being honoured with a four week exhibition of his pixelated bitmaps. The London gallery will be presenting hundreds of home-made greeting cards and whimsical pictures of puppies, to a public too lazy to use google images.

Just like the real thing

Just like the real thing

One Art Historian explained: ‘Von Clip was the first modern-postist; which was a school of art devoted to garish colours, poor resolution and an ironic sense that he couldn’t be bothered. Who can forget ‘Slice of cake with candle’, ‘Bubbling pint of beer’ or the romantically titled ‘JPEG45576’? Von Clip is right up there with Banksy, Damien Hirst and Rolf Harris.

To this day, Von Clip’s work adorns thousands of emailed party invites and last-minute power-point presentations. Although his experimental GIF years alienated many ‘one dimensional’ purists and people who still express emotional reactions through language. That said, he is one of the few artists said to be ‘not so much ahead of his time, but lagging fifty years behind’.

Von Clip himself died penniless, having given away the majority of his art for free.  One of his models reminisced: ‘Claus spent hours in his garret experimenting with Microsoft Paint. He could take a landscape by Turner and reduce it down to its essence – that of a big smiley face with a light bulb over his head. My lasting impression of Claus, is that he was the reason my printer kept running out of coloured ink’.


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