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BBC Trump coverage enters its tenth year

UK media outlets were last night celebrating what seems to have been a decade of uninterrupted Presidential headlines; all in the vain attempt to prove once and for all – ‘who-gives-a-f@ck?’  Such is the saturation of Trump stories, that many British citizens rate him as a more familiar sight than football disappointment, banking corruption or their own elbows.

Available in one colour

Available in one colour

While the concept of a Trump Presidency is simultaneously amusing and spine-chilling, continued stories telling us he is ‘one horse’s patootie’ are like telling Ted Kennedy to drive safely – redundant.  If anything the BBC runs the risk of anesthetising us to Trump, until we are so politically numb you could remove our appendix with a whisk.

Some have accused British journalists of cutting and pasting from the CBS twitter feed and Playboy’s ‘letters page’.  Explained one BBC hack:  ‘Trump fills a neat little gap between stories about rescued kittens and the weather.  After all, it’s not as if there have been leadership elections for Labour, the Conservatives, UKIP and the Greens we could have covered instead’.

Eclipsed by the US election coverage, UK stories will be forced to grab our attention with Princess Diana references and undulating breasts.  Said one lethargic editor:  ‘It’s just easier to write about Trump.  He puts the big into bigotry, the primary colours into primaries and the fear of God into…well that’s it…he just puts the fear of God into you’.


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