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Apartheid improved social mobility claims Greening

Defending her Grammar school policy, the new Education Minister reeled off a list of other successful forms of social streaming; including genocides, purges and movies with sub-titles.  The important thing, she argued, was to create a bespoke lifestyle for the top 10% and to think of the remaining 90% as troglodytes.

Secondary Moderns

Secondary Moderns

Using South Africa as her muse, Mrs Greening said there was nothing wrong with an education system that was a meritocracy, provided we get extra merits for being rich.  She told the House of Commons that the Apartheid era had allowed many aspirational black South Africans to become white, simply by just introducing competition to the facial pigmentation market.

An Education spokeswoman explained: ‘The truth is many people could easily change the colour of their skin, in the same way that the poverty you are born into is simply a state of mind. Those who don’t change are simply not trying hard enough and belong in the nearest secondary modern or diamond mine. The important thing is raise attainment for the top ten percent. To make them feel special…chosen…pure.  White supremacy is just streaming taken to the logical conclusion. And you still have to pass the 11+.’

Those who were sceptical about such streaming at an early age, were told to look at the progressive use of infanticide in Ancient Greece.  The spokeswoman said: ‘Arbitrarily judging a child at a certain age and then killing them isn’t madness – it is Sparta…but with better GCSE results. It’s silly to think that a society would benefit from improving education standards for everyone. For goodness sake, how would our Overlords know who was meant to serve the drinks?’


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