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Demand for Junior Doctors, a stereotype says Jewish Mother

The Health Secretary’s plans to increase the number of medical school places has been seen as an attempt to perpetuate a Jewish caricature, that there is a shortage of good ‘son-in-law material’. While the Labour Party has been blighted with accusations of anti-Semitism, this is the first time the Conservative Party has pandered to the stereo-type of the NHS being besieged by matzah balls and marriage proposals.

It is hard to see for who else a 25% increase in student doctors would be a benefit; other than ‘Yiddishe Mamas’ or stethoscope manufacturers.  Complained one Jewish mother: ‘I refuse to be defined by my faith.  I’ve spent years trying to combat the stereo-type that I’m guilt-tripping or manipulating my children – and what makes it worse is they never call’.

Jeremy Hunt has tried to defend his position by claiming that comedians throughout the Catskill Mountains have been exploiting such formulaic gags for generations.  He promised that England will be ‘self-sufficient’ when it comes to romantically eligible doctors of either gender and of all faiths; although he advised prospective mother-in-laws to avoid the surnames Crippen, Shipman or Kildare.

Currently the health service employs more than 150,000 doctors, but only a small proportion are likely to make good life partners for your children or appreciate your nagging.  A spokeswoman and mother said: ‘We need to do more to challenge stereotypes, particularly the one that we are trying to live vicariously through the social status of our children. Jeremy Hunt is a Minister and should know better.  He seems like such a nice boy – is he married?’


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