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Russia may have helped with Trump’s tax returns

More evidence has emerged of the President’s collusion with Russia and his long-standing relationship with selective amnesia. In the words of another duplicitous Donald (Rumsfeld): ‘There are known knowns. Then there’s all the cr$p Trump claims to have forgotten but has failed to erase from his hard drive’.

Currently Donald Trump Senior is denying knowledge of Donald Trump Junior speaking to the Russians, although he admitted that the boy’s name does sound familiar. A spokesman said: ‘The President had been having drinks with Bill Cosby back in 2015 and the next thing he remembers is waking up in the Oval Office’.

Meanwhile Russian sources have hinted that they may have helped the President acquire votes, mail order brides and an ‘alarming quantity of fake tan’. It is not the first time that Russia has been accused of election tampering but it is the first time they have done it just for ‘sh$ts and giggles’.

A White House spokeswoman explained: ‘It’s not unusual for countries to collaborate. Mr Trump has promised to help Mr Putin grab a Ural or two, while Mr Putin agreed to grab Mrs Clinton in the…well, you get the gist’.

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