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Saying ‘forward slash’ does sound stupid

Scientists have confirmed that reading out a hyperlink makes you sound like a cross between a malfunctioning TomTom and a Wil.i.am lyric sheet.  Rather than appear technically minded, uttering the phrase ‘forward slash’ gives the impression you have just discovered a urinary infection.

Sadly for many 40-somethings the Internet is still a novelty, with many confusing it with an episode of Quantum Leap or something involving the Commodore 64.  The reality is that in this age of smart phones, reading a hyperlink is as redundant as Frank de Boer.

Complained one middle-aged man (@MySonSetUpThisAccount): ‘I just felt silly saying it.  I’ve even tried using hand gestures instead, but I just look like I’m dabbing a taxi.  And I can’t seem to be able to say ‘dot org’ without sounding like one of the Wurzles.  Hashtag awks!’

So it looks like ‘forward slash’ will join a long list of tech phrases you should not say out loud; including YOLO, Windows Vista and the C word.  Some scientist have suggested that it could be replaced in conservation by a wink, but then with a long URL you run the risk of being mistaken for Harvey Weinstein.





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