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Sociologists have discovered an interesting phenomenon, whereby a spokesperson for the oppressed will bravely appear on chat-shows and suffer the indignity of a six-figure book-deal.  In the face of adversity, this person will often fearlessly agree to have their life serialized, their name used for a new brand of deodorant and all the while, looking straight into the camera – which means they must be sincere.

Meanwhile legitimate victims remain anonymous, bemused and clearly un-photogenic.  Said one scientist: ‘Whether you’re down-trodden, abused or simply a Stoke City fan, you may be wondering who is this glamorous actor or distinguished academic that claims to be speaking for me?  And why are they getting 10% of the ad-buys?’

Regardless of the cause and on what side of the debate this ‘representative’ is on, they all seem to be doing rather well for themselves; angry but well-fed, righteous but syndicated, radical but Russell Brand.  ‘Maybe all these countless, nameless victims wouldn’t be so unknown, if all the microphones weren’t already taken’.

So, if you have a blog that needs promoting, a literary career that has stalled or just fancy being in the movies – why not hijack some moral outrage?  There are many injustices that need exposing and if not, just make one up, no one’s going to check – #SpeakToMyAgent.


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