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Corbyn caused the fall of the Roman Empire

If you ever wondered ‘Who split up Brangelina?’, ‘Who burnt the toast and used up your mobile data allowance?’ – then look no further. The Sunday Times has helpfully provided a ‘Venn Diagram of Blame’ with Jeremy Corbyn and James Corden at the centre.

Not to let facts, evidence or verifiable sources get in the way of a good headline, The Times has linked Mr. Corbyn to trapped wind, plastic straws and the reason you ran out of loo paper. Got chewing gum in your hair? Corbyn.  Stubbed your toe? Comrade Corbyn. Bad WiFi? That one’s probably BT.

The editorial explained: ‘Corbyn caused austerity, the banking collaspe, Grenfell, Brexit, academization, NHS privatisation, PFI corruption, homelessness, the illegal arms trade, food banks, disability suicides and all this wet weather. He’s a rascist. Peace awards and anti-apartheid marches? Thats the worst kind of bigotry.’

‘Don’t just take our word it. Just read The Sun, The Mail or ask anyone wearing a tin foil hat. Corbyn knows where Elvis is. He faked the moon landings. He’s everwhere! Every anonymous tweet. Every squeaking floorboard. Corbyn! He’s listening into your phone conversations… no, hold on – that was us’.


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