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Brexit: If Trump says its bad maybe it’s good?

Just when the British people were uniting behind the idea that Theresa May’s Brexit is deeply flawed, the President has muddied the waters by agreeing with everyone.  So now, the public are forced to question their own existence, the very nature of truth and whether December is too early for April Fools?

The man who wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ by getting someone else to write ‘The Art of the Deal’, is no stranger to hiding his intentions – or his tax returns.  Mr. Trump’s ringing endorsement could quite as easily be a curse, as the makers of Acme wigs will attest.

Complained one voter: ‘Up is down. Black is white. Is Trump telling us exactly what he thinks or what he wants us to think he thinks?  Maybe it’s a double bluff? Or a triple bluff?  Or is it?  Argggh!  Whatever it is, it’s a complete mind f$ck.’

So, in summary, if Theresa May says it’s good, it must be bad.  Yet Trump confirms it’s a bad deal, so it must be good.  Although Michael Gove still supports this good deal, so it’s clearly bad.  Then Tony Blair confirmed the badness of the deal, so it must be good.  So is it a good deal done badly or a bad deal done goodly?  Is there even such a word as goodly?  I don’t know now. I think I’ll just have a lie down…


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