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Facemasks? Either its Coronavirus or we suddenly have a lot of dentists

The UK is braced for an outbreak of a scary virus or the possibility that everyone wants to look like a dental hygienist.  To add to the confusion, there is an interesting Venn Diagram of mask wearers including surgeons, Hannibal Lecter and fans of Dick Turpin.  

With two confirmed cases, it is only a matter of time until everyone is dressed in a Hazmat suit and coated hand sanitizer. For those who cannot afford the full regalia, they will need to make do with a flimsy dust mask and a worried expression.

The key benefits of sanitary mask, are that it can also filter pollen and cover-up any unsightly teeth.  It also promises to save of lipstick, shaving costs and significantly reduce exposure to halitosis.

One mask wearer commented: ‘Also, with it being Brexit Day, as a Leaver, this mask allows me to cover my big, shit eating grin. And not get punched by angry Remoaners’.

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