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Melinda Gates to get Belgium in divorce settlement

The billionaire couple, Bill and Melinda Gates, are set to split, with a much anticipated custody battle over who gets the GDP equivalent of Western Europe.  However, lawyers anticipate the larger conflict will be over who does not get ownership of  Windows Altavista

So wealthy are the couple, that they can afford to divide their assets and still have enough left over to buy the Moon, have it hollowed out and filled with cream cheese.

More recently the Gates have been involved with global disease prevention, meaning Melinda gets to keep the cure for Covid and Bill gets to keep his secret cure for baldness.  He will still be allowed to visit his billions but only on weekends.

Melinda will get half of everyone’s data. Your sort code. Pornhub search history and any password involving the name of a beloved pet. While Bill retains custody of Clippy the Paperclip.

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