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(Neither are they making me any money – which is equally annoying!)

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Watch ITV’s ‘Newzoids

Newzoids ITV

See ‘House of Sock

Do you suffer from embarrassing Panamanian leaks? Do you worry about premature Brexit? Are you looking for love with a German dominatrix called Angela? If so, look no further – all your paranoid EU needs can be managed with one easy to install sock puppet show.

Join ‘Tiny Tim’ Farron, as he journeys through the ‘House of Sock,*’ based around the UK’s Houses of Parliament, in the run up to one of our country’s biggest decisions – the Eurovision Song Contest  EU Referendum

House of Sock NO TIMES

And if the Prime Minister thought Nigeria was corrupt – he should see what we do with a gym sock, some Velcro and a bottle of baby oil!

(*not to be mistaken with a closing down sale at BHS.)


What’s worse than a Xmas hangover or the prospect of a Trump-filled 2017?  This is…


…Flibbertigibbet’s fourth and most unwelcome volume yet.  Outrageous news, disgusting lies and piss-poor spelling.  And yet, at 99p how can you afford to say no?

Available at Amazon for download (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Trump-holds-back-Flibbertigibbet-News-ebook/dp/B01MQUP8GV/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481475920&sr=8-1&keywords=Trump+holds+back).


Welcome to the third compilation of Flibbertigibbet News. I’m glad to say I’m over the difficult second album and now embarking upon a drug-addled indulgence, which will inevitably end with me lying face down in a pile of my own vomit. Find out about the iCorbyn™, how I.S. haters gonna hate and why Greece has changed it’s billing address. Enjoy!



‘Bitcoins to be replaced with Lego’

Don’t waste your hard earned cash buying Christmas presents for free-loading relatives and kids that are clearly going to put you into a care home one day. Instead, invest 99p in Flibbertigibbet’s latest annual: ‘Bitcoins to be replaced with Lego’. This magnificent volume contains all the answers to life and a clear strategy for obtaining healthy and manageable hair.




If by some crazy chance you actual read it and enjoy it – please feel free to write something nice on Amazon in response. Hell, even if you don’t like it feel free to write a grumpy review – I’ll take anything at this point!

‘Robert Mugabe declares himself the new Dr Who’

The Flibbertigibbet Annual 2013-14 ‘Robert Mugabe declares himself the new Dr Who’. Why would you want to pay for a Kindle edition of something that is already free? Shut up!!! Who asked you? Just buy the goddamn book!

 Flibbertigibbet Xmas Annual 2013: 'Robert Mugabe declares himself the new Dr Who' (Flibbertigibbet News)


From time to time we’ll update content for free. Kindle additions do not currently update automatically, so you will need to send Kindle a request for a manual update of the latest addition of our annual.

Or…feel free to invest your children’s college fund in a monthly subscription to Flibbertigibbet: The Truth about Goats on Amazon.



Or purchase this shiny looking playscript by Wrenfoe – SLEEVE NOTE: ‘REFORMATION is a black farce, penned by notorious satirist Wrenfoe. Set in Venice, in the not so distant future, we follow the fortunes of a hapless plumber, Gianfranco, who finds himself mistakenly imprisoned and on trial for the crimes of Enrico the Serial Killer. The play spirals into outrageous and manipulative courtroom role-plays; aided and abetted by Ferruccio Zannier, an unethical but media savvy civil rights campaigner. Playing with all the conventions of popular farce and physical comedy, Wrenfoe challenges our perceptions of crime and punishment’.



If you fancy some comedic songs – why not try out The Fake Aunts?

“The album is called Clitoris. It’s ‘Explicit’. We figured if that wasn’t enough to get people interested… In this album one of us lets all of the mad thoughts which are trapped inside her head fall out in the form of a collection of songs about clitorii, saggy tits and Des Lynam. (The other one of us bravely goes along with this madness and makes them sound far more beautiful than they have any right to.) It’s… eclectic. And probably not one to play to your children. Or parents. Or anyone who’s sober, basically. Here it is:”

Clitoris [Explicit]


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Reformation (play script)

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