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Caption Competition

Readers of Flib are asked to submit their caption for this week’s image via the reply button or a direct message to @Wrenfoe on twitter. The closing date for the … Continue reading

February 22, 2020 · Leave a comment

NHS ‘coronavirus pod’ is the new name for ‘corridor’

With no additional capacity, hospitals have been forced to improvise with their use of space; converting carparks into wards, skips into surgeries and toilets into ‘executive office space, with unlimited … Continue reading

February 18, 2020 · Leave a comment

Caption Competition: To boldly go, where Hollywood is too scared to go

WINNERS: To boldly go, where Hollywood is too scared to go (from ThoughtYolk)   RUNNERS UP A couple of old Cling-ons (From Tootywince2) Who’d have thought it, they are that … Continue reading

February 16, 2020 · 2 Comments

Caption Competition: Rock , paper , scissors

WINNER: Rock , paper , scissors (from Steve Horowitz) RUNNERS UP Bernie-splanning (from SallyThorery) ‘So everyone won Iowa?’ (from HanterPluck7) ‘These aren’t the delegates you are looking for?’ (from Under____Score) … Continue reading

February 9, 2020 · 1 Comment

Caption Competition: Juan Guaidó demonstrates the correct way to grapple a helmet.

WINNER: Juan Guaidó demonstrates the correct way to grapple a helmet. (from Adrian Bamforth) RUNNERS UP Google! (from Inchcock) Venezuela coup led my 8ft giant (from Sparkybitz)  Guaidó mistakes man … Continue reading

February 2, 2020 · 2 Comments

Plummy actor, Laurence Fox, is an ‘absolute plum’

Not content with making Katie Hopkins look like a moderate, the out-of-work actor has continued his campaign to liberate, privately educated snowflakes from the shackles of ‘white privilege’.  Mr. Fox … Continue reading

January 27, 2020 · Leave a comment

Caption Competition: ‘I see you’ve come for the economy vasectomy Mr Trump’

WINNER: ‘I see you’ve come for the economy vasectomy Mr Trump’ (from steve horowitz)   RUNNERS UP ‘Impeach? I thought you said tenderize’ (From WhatYouSpot) It’s Pelosi Time! (from Hank_Fitzer99) … Continue reading

January 25, 2020 · Leave a comment

Taylor Swift blasts ‘toxic male privilege’, as worst band name ever

Having been named as Billboard’s woman of the decade, Taylor Swift took the opportunity to slam misogyny in the music industry – not knowing that ‘slam misogyny’ was the funk-fusion … Continue reading

January 22, 2020 · Leave a comment

Caption Competition: ‘No, I’m not going to laugh!’

WINNER: “No, I’m not going to laugh!” (from Inchcock) RUNNER UP ‘I also slept with your wife…’ (from JasonHull67) Sith vs Jedi – Spot the difference (from Thadius_fact) Grindr makes … Continue reading

January 18, 2020 · 1 Comment

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